Best Hiring Strategies?

Just because you’re completing a task or “staying busy” doesn’t mean that it is the most effective way to achieve the results that you want. I learned this the hard way! After a year of working 16 hour days to keep up with client’s demand, I started focusing heavily on decreasing the time it takes to achieve the desired results.

Here are the best hiring strategies to strengthen your recruiting strategy:

Tip 1: Do you have a thought-out plan?

This is the cornerstone to a successful placement, the goal is to increase the results while decreasing the time spent to reach the outcome.

Tip 2: Are you using Software for Manual Task?

Modern software will save you hours doing repetitive manual task! There are a ton of factors to take into account and many type of software to choose from.

Tip 3: Are you using Job Boards?

Leverage Job Boards to receive passive candidates, but warning…. You still have to review candidates, which takes time!

Tip 4: Are you using Social Media?

Social media recruiting is great because it provides branding that your company is growing and harnesses individuals who are connected to the company’s network.

Tip 5: Are you leveraging your Website?

First off…. Have a good website, a website is like a house - top talent do not want to work for a second rate company.

That being said, have a portal on your site will increase your SEO - which can increase revenue as well!

Tip 6: Is Network Referrals part of your plan?

Using events, people you meet, advisors, investors to refer talented individuals can be extremely helpful.

Tip 7: What about Internal Referrals?

People surround themself with similar people as they are, asking your most talented employees if they know anyone is a great way to attracted top talent.

Tip 7: How about Direct Outreach?

This is where you could really target who you are looking for by reaching out directly to them. There are many platforms where this is possible!

Tip 8: What about External Recruiters?

External recruiters main goal is to provide better candidates than the internal recruiters. The price can be high, 15k to 35k - but if the role is a key decision maker it should justify the fee in the long run.